Specialised in ofhc copper (oxygen free high conductivity copper), ETP copper, chromium copper, barrilium copper, cadmium copper, Naval brass. We provide a range of Copper Alloy products as per requirement and application. Copper Alloys are mixture of Copper and many other allied metal products to finally achieve a more reliable and sustainable product for a very specific application.

Grades / Quality / Standard :

  • We provide various Copper Alloy products required in certain specific application.We provide OFHC COPPER, CUPRO-NICKLE (90:10),CUPRO NICKLE(70:30), Cadmium Copper , Beryllium Copper, Chromium Copper, Tungsten Copper, Aluminium Bronze, Naval Brass, etc. Our materials are as per IS Standards.

Forms :

  • We provide material with specific physical properties required by our customers. We can provide material in Soft, Half Hard & Full Hard condition and also Spring Hard condition.
  • Various other physical properties can be achieved and supplied as per customer requirement such as Hardness, Tensile strength, Conductivity etc.

We provide our customers with various Forms as per their application :

  • Strips in various width, thickness & physical properties.
  • Rods & Flats in various sizes and physical properties
  • Circles and Flanges as per drawing.